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In Christianity Today (CT) magazine’s “Editor’s Bookshelf,” (August 2003 issue) David Neff has reviewed Rodney Stark’s book, explaining that Christian theology is the cat
(The author of this article is an Inter Varsity staff worker with a focused ministry among international students. She earned a Masters degree with a thesis on Japanese culture).
Language is perhaps the most frustrating shock. People seem to be talking at machine gun pace.
Scanning the newspaper caption, I learned that the picture in front of me was Jomo Kenyatta, once imprisoned as the suspected leader of the notorious Mau Mau terrorists, but now the president of newly
This article provides a basic introduction to Buddhism.
Who has never met a foreigner? Who has never spoken with a foreigner? Who has never felt just a little bit ill at ease with a foreigner?
The road is very important. To get to a certain place, we have to know which road to take.
My focus is the younger generation of East Asian students, those born between approximately 1961 and 1981 from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, and Japan.
What would you do if you met a future president of a rich African nation? Bow before him? Stammer? Try to introduce him to the governor?

Does evangelism fit in your life like the sections in Time magazine? Time has a section for economics, for the world, for sports, for education, and for religion.