Types of Volunteers

These types are arranged from the least amount of training and time commitment needed to the most. They are also not mutually exclusive, e.g., a Leadership Partner can also do the activities and functions of a Service Partner.

Service Partner

Service Partners volunteer where their particular gifts are best used. This could be anything from hosting a dinner for international students, to helping with a weekend conference, to sending mailings on the staff’s behalf.

Possible Partnership Activities:

  • Driving international students to grocery stores
  • Hosting a gathering for international students
  • Volunteering at a conference
  • Coordinating food for a large event
  • Providing food for large events
  • Giving international students a tour of the city when they first arrive
  • Advocating for ISM at church or other places
  • Sending an ISM staff’s prayer or alumni letter
  • Coordinating logistics for an international student event
  • Faithfully interceding for ISM
  • Hosting a reentry retreat for departing students

Friendship Partner

Friendship Partners invest in students or a small group of students. This could be having a conversation partner or leading a Group Investigating God (GIG). Friendship Partners will build relational trust and practice evangelism, discipleship, hospitality, and leadership.

Possible Partnership Activities:

  • Leading a small group for internationals
  • Discipling one or more international students
  • Leading prayer gatherings in the community for ISM on campus
  • Being an English Conversation Partner
  • Regularly inviting an international student (or a small consistent group) into your home
  • Leading a Group Investigating God (GIG)

Leadership Partner

Leadership Partners develop American and international students to become leaders in their chapters and communities. Instead of taking evangelism, discipleship, and leadership roles directly, Leadership Partners mentor and train international students to step into them.

Possible Partnership Activities:

  • Discipling and developing one or more students
  • Coordinating and training Groups Investigating God (GIG) leaders
  • Coordinating and training Small Group leaders
  • Training students in the Leadership Team or Core Team
  • Training other volunteers
  • Modeling and debriefing evangelistic activities
  • Training international student apprentices
  • Praying regularly with and for an international student leader

Campus Partner

Campus Partners shepherd ISM’s work on a particular campus from New Student Orientation to preparing graduates for reentry. They take part in evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, coordinating, and liaising with InterVarsity ISM.

Possible Partnership Activities:

  • Coordinating New Student Outreach
  • Leading the Core or Leadership Team
  • Mentoring and Developing international student leaders
  • Liaising with InterVarsity ISM about the chapter
  • Training students in evangelism
  • Coordinating events alongside students leaders
  • Hosting a reentry weekend for departing students
  • Planning outreach events
  • Recruiting other volunteers to partner in ministry