Service Partner

Service partners are life savers for ISM staff and students. Hospitality is particularly critical for this work and so there are enough relationships, errands, food prep, and logistics to manage for an entire army of volunteers!  

If you have a gift of Helps, Hospitality, or Administration, are a good listener, or are an extrovert, then this might be a great way to plug in! To get involved in any way that God has gifted you, go here and email the appropriate staff worker in order to discuss how you might be able to partner. Service Partners volunteer where their particular gifts are best used. This could be anything from hosting a dinner for international students, to helping with a weekend conference, to sending mailings on the staff’s behalf.

Possible Partnership Activities:

  • Driving international students to grocery stores
  • Volunteering at a conference
  • Giving international students a tour of the city when they first arrive
  • Sending an ISM staff’s prayer or alumni letter
  • Coordinating logistics for an international student event
  • Faithfully interceding for ISM

Hosting Gatherings - Hospitality Tips

Because InterVarsity is a campus ministry, we often have meetings and events on campus to reach as many internationals as possible. The problem is that catering on campus is extremely expensive and students feel loved when they eat something homemade with love and prayer. We also love to see our international students host events in friend’s homes because we know that 70% of internationals never get to see the inside of an American home during their time in the States. We are not known for our hospitality, and so it especially significant when Christians serve the practical needs of internationals.

We also know that internationals do not come from our culture and so misunderstandings can easily develop-even over food! Help them to enjoy your hospitality and don't create unnecessary barriers by brushing up on some tips.