Leadership Partner

International students are often overlooked for roles of leadership within a chapter because they do not often display Western stereotypes of “leadership.” For example, we often think of leaders as people who are up front, like to take command of a situation, are charismatic, and communicate clearly. But Xie from China may display her leadership more quietly - allowing others to lead from up front, valuing relationship over task, solving problems with a team, and communicating indirectly. InterVarsity needs volunteers who can recognize and develop others’ leadership gifts crossculturally so that students can be empowered for leadership - as God created them to lead.

Leadership Partners develop American and international students to become leaders in their chapters and communities. Instead of taking evangelism, discipleship, and leadership roles directly, they mentor and train international students to step into them.

Possible Partnership Activities

Invite students to apprentice with you:

Spiritual Conflict and Prayer

The battle is real, and perhaps especially so when God’s heart for the nations is at stake. You will want to be in prayer for yourself, your family, and for your international students. Here are some helpful thoughts and a guide to aid you along the way.