About Us

We see and lament the injustice, sinfulness, and brokenness in us and in the world around us. But we also believe true change and peace are possible through Jesus, because we ourselves have been transformed by the real hope we’ve found through his death for our sin, his resurrection from the grave, and his ongoing work redeeming all things. That hope is what compels us to join in his mission and invite faculty and students to do so as well—not just for their time on campus but for their entire lives.

The Lord has given InterVarsity a bold picture for the next 12 years, our 2030 Calling: Longing for revival, we catalyze movements that call every corner of every campus to follow Jesus. By the year 2030, (and in partnership with other ministry organizations) we hope to see diverse witnessing communities on all 2,500 US campuses that have over 1,000 students. Even more, we're praying for God to bring revival, along with: 

  • 71,500 multiplying small groups
  • 134,000 new followers of Jesus
  • 4,000,000 partners praying
  • 12,000,000 reached for the Gospel

Real Hope on Campus from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.

To better reflect InterVarsity's identity and our 2030 Calling, we have updated our logo and branding. The new look is intended to communicate the foundation of Scripture in all we do (the bottom portion of the mark looks like an open book), and our desire to bring light and hope to the world through our ministry on campus.

Within this larger calling, the vision of InterVarsity International Student MInistry (ISM) is to develop and send global disciples and leaders from every nation to every nation. While InterVarsity ISM has always welcomed the, now one million plus, international students arriving on US college and university campuses each year by showing hospitality, this is just the beginning. Our ministry now includes helping international students and scholars grow their faith and leadership both on campus and beyond. Our work doesn't end when internationals return to their home countries or leave campus to go where God has called them. We prepare internationals to continue maturing as disciples, become church leaders, influence culture, and change the world to the glory of God.

We invite you to join us as a student, volunteer, new staff, or ministry partner as we reach thousands of internationals on campuses across the US!