Become a Paid Staff Minister

Many InterVarsity campus staff focus on ministry to international students, scholars, and faculty through dozens of ISM groups and multinational chapers across the USA. These InterVarsity groups reached thousands of international students, but many more staff and volunteers are needed, including to plant ministries on additional campuses, to reach the roughly one million international students and scholars currently studying in the US.

Paid Positions

All paid positions require fund development.

  1. Take a look at the What ISM is looking for document to see if you consider yourself a good fit.
  2. For full-time, part-time, or rare 1-year Internships, see the CSM-ISM Position Description.
  3. Fill out the ISM Staff Interest Form and return it to the email address on the form.
  4. The staff director(s) for the location(s) where you are interested will contact you.
  5. Once you have spoken or met with the staff director, you will be given an application and references to complete. The application and references, as well as interviews, will determine if and/or where your ministry skills are most needed.

For more general information (not ISM or Multinational specific) about what InterVarsity campus staff do, how you'll be trained and equipped, and benefits you'll receive, vist this page.