What Is a Multinational Chapter?

What is a multinational chapter?  Any chapter that isn't exclusively for international students but intentionally includes them in its mission and practice. A global vision is in their DNA. Americans and Internationals partner through shared leadership, ownership, and vision. It’s not only multiethnic but multinational (Rev 7:9).

New Tools

Top Tools

  ISM Corner Toolkit

a smaller toolkit geared towards planters, evangelists, and anyone starting ISM

  Multinational Chapter Toolkit

a larger and more advanced toolkit geared towards those who've been including internationals in their chapters for a while

4 Things to Know and Do

Cross-Cultural Training

  1. Three Short Case Studies
  2. Starting ISM (four videos): discuss and apply
    1. Best as a series - no time for all four? Watch this video on the Power of Presence
  3. Growing Intl Student Involvement - discovery process, debrief, and next steps
  4. Friendships with International Students booklet - a succint and practical guide with powerful stories and accessible applications
  5. Crossing Cultures with Jesus - chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8, use discussion questions in book
  6. If you're making friends with Muslim internationals, get in touch for help: paulforrester@intervarsity.org

Bible Study Resources

  • Starting International Small Groups - four training sessions, five studies, led by international and/or American students
  • I-GIG guide (new edition!) with instructions
  • Discovery Bible Study method - used with any passage, easily reproducible by all students
  • I-DIG - discipleship workbook created for internationals, 12 key topics

ISM-Contextualized Evangelism Tools

  • ISM version of common InterVarsity evangelism tools
  • Other contextualized evangelism tools