3x3: ISM Quick Guides

3x3s are bite size resources with quick tips and tools to help you engage with international students. Created with those outside of ISM chapters in mind, each contains: 3 important facts to know, 3 common mistakes to avoid, 3 best practices to try on campus, plus our top recommended resources to further equip you.  Whether you’re just getting started or need a refresher, download the digital version below or: Order Printed Copies from the InterVarsity Store

Use 3x3s as a Training: 

  • Things to Know: What surprised you? What did you find most helpful?
  • Things to Avoid:  Which cultural blunders do you think you’re most susceptible to?   
  • Things to Try: What next steps will you take? When? With whom?   
  • Resources: Which resource(s) are you interested in pursuing? (For groups, divide and conquer – each person report back on a different resource)

Multinational Race & Justice Conversations 

New Student Outreach (NSO) 

 Building Friendships 

 Conversation Partners 

 Small Groups & GIGs 

 Leadership Development 

People Groups (Staff Login)

To purchase printed 3x3s from the Staff Store, login to the store and then search for "3x3".

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