Resources for New Student Outreach

Start your school year off right by attracting international students to you during New Student Outreach (NSO) and teaching your student leaders to engage new students.

Teach Yourself, Train Students

Do you wish your students could engage more right from the start of the school year? This pre-made training will take 15-20 minutes and increase your international presence during NSO.

  1. Ask an intro question, like: “Think of a time when you entered a new environment. How did you feel? Did anyone welcome you or help you get oriented?”
  2. Then show this 3-minute video:
  3. Briefly debrief the video: “What stood out? How can we apply what we saw?”
  4. Give an NSO 3x3 to each person and have them read it to themselves.
  5. Then ask: “What 1-2 changes can we make to our existing NSO plans to better welcome and connect with internationals?”
  6. At the end, once they’ve decided what NSO change(s) to make, give each trainee a copy of the new Friendships with International Students booklet to read before NSO starts.

Further Reading

Disciple Making Among Hindus will help you walk alongside Hindu-background friends as they learn more about Jesus.

Friendships with International Students (store link, staff link) - this new booklet is a replacement for Crossing Cultures Here and Now, with new stories, updated graphics, and more tips and ideas.

Give It Away

Be Visible

These resources can help students feel more at home while studying in the United States. Displays and giveaways that include country flags, world maps, and international languages/images/food/music will help you grab the attention of international students and globally-minded Americans.

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