Connecting with Muslim International Students Handbook

New Easy-to-Read Guide

This handbook has condensed our best ministry material into a simple, beautifully-designed guide. Packed with cultural keys, tips, and practical ministry ideas, Connecting with Muslim International Students is a start-to-finish guide answering questions like:

  • How can I build genuine friendships with Muslim students?
  • What should I know about Muslim cultures and Islam to get started?
  • In what ways does Christian-Muslim history influence our present?
  • How can I express Jesus’ love and truth?
  • What does it look like to study Scripture with Muslims?
  • How can I help Muslims become followers of Jesus and grow in faith?
  • What does it take to prepare internationals to return home well?

Huge Discount

Thanks to a donation, we are able to offer this handbook at a huge discount off of its $26.99 retail price (while funding lasts) on the InterVarsity Store - only $9.27 (66% off) plus the usual discount for InterVarsity staff.



  1. Student Countries: This map shows countries where many Muslim students in the US are coming from. (see chapter 3 to better understad Muslim students and their backgrounds)
  2. Outreach: Love Your Muslim Neighbor Proxe outreach station instructions and matching t-shirts you can wear anytime (see chapter 4 for more outreach ideas)
  3. Scripture Discussion: Shared Prophets Guide looks at both Bible and Qur'an passages (Chapter 5 in the book provides Scripture discussion guidance and appendix D has three additional Bible study guides)
  4. Discipleship: Following Jesus Together was written especially for those with Muslim backgrounds (Chapter 7 in the book has more on discipleship)
  5. Reentry: Think Home workbook and Back Home devotional guide are great for all Christian internatioals (see chapter 8 for more on reentry)
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