3x3: Bible Study Resources

Discovery Bible Study

Key principles of DBS:

  • Studying in natural oikoi(sing. oikos), or communities. Natural: gathering people who are already connected as friends or family. Oikos: group studies, rather than 1:1. Whenever possible, non-believers should make up the majority.
  • Discovery, rather than teaching.DBS studies are often called “discovery groups”. Leaders Facilitators let the text lead rather than providing answers.
  • Discipleship to conversion.In the same way Jesus taught the disciples and brought them into mission even before they fully understood him, in a DBS we help people begin obeying Jesus’ words from the very first study.
  • Emphasizing obedience and passing it on. The Bible prizes obeying God above acquiring knowledge about him (cf. John 13:17, 14:15, 15:10). Each DBS ends with a concrete response step, and a plan to share the lesson with someone else.

Basic DBS Structure:

  1. What are you thankful for these days?  What are you stressed/worried about?(praise and prayer requests)
  2. How did you do with last time’s response? Whom did you tell?(accountability)
  3. Read the new passage aloud at least two times. Each person (including you) then tries to re-tell the passage without looking. The others can check and help. Do not overlook this step! It is crucial for our learning and for sharing later.(spiritual formation)
  4. What does this passage teach us about God?(spiritual formation)
  5. What does this passage teach us about humans?(spiritual formation)
  6. Because this is God’s Word to us, how should we respond and put it into practice this week? (Aim for concrete statements that begin with “I will…”)(obeying God)
  7. Who needs to hear this story? / Whom will you share this story with this week?(obeying God, evangelism)

Who Is Jesus the Messiah Study

Bible studies in the Gospel of Luke - view the full study in the download, these are the "must have" passages

  • 4:16-21 - Jesus defines his ministry and fulfills prophecy
  • 5:17-32 - Jesus forgives sins and heals, and eats with “sinners”
  • 6:27-42 - Jesus’ moral teaching
  • 8:22-39 - Jesus calms the sea and and exorcises demons
  • 15:11-32 - Jesus  teaches about the two sons
  • 18:9-14 - Jesus’ parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector praying
  • 22:39-53 - Jesus prays, and is willingly arrested
  • 22:66-23:5, 23:26-49 - Jesus is crucified and dies
  • 24:1-12; 24:36-49 - Jesus’ resurrection, Jesus appears to and commisions the disciples
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