Friendships with International Students Booklet

This booklet shares stories, foundational approaches, and practical steps on developing friendships with international students. It is a quick-start guide to help college students, friends, pastors, small group members, and volunteers connect with the more than one million international students on US college and university campuses right now.

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“I love it! It is extremely accessible, answers what I feel are the most frequently asked questions, and calms some of the most frequently held fears/anxieties about engaging in friendships with internationals. The direction, guidance, and suggestions are very practical and easily applied in the contexts students will find themselves in.”  -Michael Hughes, InterVarsity staff minister

“Bravo! I really like the booklet. It is succinct, practical, and positive. The stories of the various students are realistic and help readers see that these students are real people who are on a journey, not simply potential converts.”  -Clare O’Leary, Director of SIL/LEAD Community Programs and Wycliffe missionary for 35 years

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