I-GIG Field Test Version

The two files below are field test versions of new I-GIG (International Groups Investigating God) Participant's and Leader's Guides. The original I-GIG Guide used one booklet instead of having separate booklets for participants and leaders. 

>>> Once you have used these field test editions, please visit tiny.cc/igigeval to provide your input. You can share your feedback all at once or fill out the form each week or as ideas come to you. <<<

IMPORTANT: Each I-GIG leader needs BOTH the Leader's Guide and Participant's Guide to lead. The information in the Participant's Guide is not duplicated in the Leader's Guide. This simplifies publication, lowers costs, and allows the leader to have both the Bible study questions and the leader's notes open in front of him/her at the same time, since they are found in the different booklets.

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