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This devotional guide for Christians is intended for international students, missionaries, and others to go through during their first 30 days back home after living overseas.

The International Disciples Group guide is designed to help Christian internationals grow in their faith.

These reviews by Lee Wanak take a look at two different books from an ISM standpoint.

Often Christians may think they have a firm grasp of Judaism and how to speak to Jewish people because of the shared foundation Judaism and Christianity have.

One great way to get to know international students is to offer to help them with their English. Often this takes the form of conversation partners.

What is the Bible?The Bible is a collection of books used by Christians. “Bible” is from the Greek “biblia” which means “little books”.

Magdalena: Released from Shame is the story of Jesus as told by Mary Magdalene. The movie combines new video with scenes from the Jesus film.