I-GIG Participant's Guide

Welcome to this new International Groups Investigating God (I-GIG) Guide! Being part of an I-GIG group helps you get to know God by understanding what the Bible says about him. Since the Bible was written thousands of years ago by people living in cultures probably very different than your own, the original meaning of the text is often not obvious. This guide includes group Bible studies, so you can learn together, and additional sections you can read on your own to better understand the Bible and its message. If you will be leading the group Bible studies, there are step-by-step instructions here.

This is a work in progress, so we could use your feedback to make it better. Content is being added and updated regularly. If you're looking for the original I-GIG Guide (published in 2005) it is online here and available in print.

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SECTION A - How to Use This Guide

SECTION B - Reliability of the Bible

SECTION C - Bible Introduction and Overview

SECTION D - Jewish People and Culture During Bible Times

SECTION E - Approaching Cultural Differences

SECTION F - How to Read and Study the Bible


BIBLE STUDY 1 - Long Lost Son (Luke 15)

BIBLE STUDY 2 - Creation (Genesis 1-2)

BIBLE STUDY 3 - Original Sin (Genesis 2-3)

BIBLE STUDY 4 - Miracles of Jesus (Mark 5)


BIBLE STUDY 5 - Jesus’ Power and Identity (Luke 6)

BIBLE STUDY 6 - Connecting with God (John 15)

BIBLE STUDY 7 - Sacrifice (Luke 23)

BIBLE STUDY 8 - Resurrection (John 20)


Additional Bible Studies


SECTION G - Prayer

SECTION H - The Good News (Broken Family Diagrams)

SECTION I - Jesus Journey Steps

SECTION J - Personal Journeys

SECTION K - Putting Your Faith in Jesus

SECTION L - Next Steps

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