ISM Framework Guide

Guiding resource for staff, students, and supervisors. Use this to help build a framework for the ISM vision and ministry.

Why should I care about international students?

  • Stories, statistics, scriptures
  • Who’s on my campus?

What are different levels of commitment or involvement with international students?  What’s appropriate for my campus context? (Need some kind of scale so people don’t feel like it’s all or nothing.)

How can I start reaching out to international students (for students and staff)?

  • as an individual
  • as a fellowship

How do I need to be sensitive to cross-cultural dynamics?  What should I know about working with: East Asians, Africans, South Americans, Muslims, Hindus, Europeans, etc.

What are some key ways that ministry with international students is similar to and different from ministry with “domestic” students?

  • Evangelism
  • Building community
  • Discipleship issues, discipling a new believer
  • leadership, fellowship involvement
  • Structures:  Fellowship meetings, worship, Bible studies, retreats, etc.

How do I effectively implement the above?  What are some things that have worked in the past?  Best practices?

What do I need to know about legal and ethic issues in reaching out to internationals?

  • Immigration and proselytizing

How can I start an international witnessing community?

  • What is an IWC?  What are some good models?
  • What are some steps that I can take?

How can I hire ISM staff?

  • Criteria—what should I look for and why?
  • Recruiting—Where do I find them?  Things to know about hiring new graduates, former international students, people grafted in from “outside” of IVCF, etc.

How do I supervise ISM staff?

  • different needs and rhythms of ISM staff
  • funding
  • integrating ISM staff into the campus/area/regional team

How do we partner effectively with other organizations and churches?

How do I work with my area/region to help people see the significance of ISM?

How do I access and most effectively resource the national director and ISM office?

  • What are some annual events?
  • What resources does the national office offer?
  • Who should I talk to about questions?

How does ISM fit into missions?

  • How can we use ISM to encourage and train students in missions
  • Missions trips for international students (urban plunges, LAUP, etc.)
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