Entire Original I-GIG Available for Download

What is an I-GIG?

An International Group Investigating God is a Bible discussion about Jesus to discover who God is and how to know him. This particular GIG guide was developed with international students in mind: as participants, group leaders, or both, though I-GIG Guides have been used by many different groups of people.

The I-GIG Guide provides tools and step-by-step training for Christians to introduce their international friends to Jesus through informal Bible discussions. The I-GIG Guide can be used by someone with no training in leading Bible studies and includes leader’s notes, Bible facts, maps, cultural info, and a gospel presentation. To encourage participation in I-GIGs, view this 3-minute video.

Use the I-GIG Guide

Before each of the four Bible studies, leaders can send (or print out) that week’s study for participants to look over (each PDF is 118 kB or smaller) or send/print the Discussion Guide (attached). If you print “2 up” and double sided, each Bible study fits on one sheet of paper. The four separate Bible study PDFs are intended for participants and do not include leader’s notes.

Resources on leading I-GIGs (including helpful videos) are available here.

Find more GIG resources (that are not specifically for international students) at the IV Evangelism website.

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