Contextualized Big Story and Five Thresholds Tools

Do you want to walk along your international friend on their journey towards Jesus? Do you want to share the Gospel effectively with them?

Journey to Jesus is a tool designed for a Christian and their non-Christian friend to walk through together. It helps non-Christians identify where they are on their journey towards Jesus and dialogue with their Christian friends along the way.

Honor, Shame & The Big Story is a way to share the Good News with friends from Honor/Shame contexts, which describes many or most international students' cultural backgrounds. View an additional video resource.

Note: If you are/were at Urbana, you'll have received the Revelations exploratory Scripture Study, which ends with Exploring Faith and The Big Story - two resources created with Americans in mind. Journey to Jesus and Honor, Shame & The Big Story are contextualized versions created with international students from non-western contexts in mind.

These are test versions and we welcome your input!

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