Developing International Student Leaders Series

Strong Relationships = Strong Mission

Family Fuels Mission - Building an international community and having a group that feels like a family will help draw in leaders and keep them in leadership longer, as well as mobilize them to reach out to more of their friends.

Discussion Questions

  • What can you do to create an attractive campus community/family that welcomes international students to be a part of it?
  • For chapters/communities that are ISM focused, we are great at creating events that welcome international students into our families. How are you taking time to know people and invite them to take their place in your community/family?

Leadership Obstacles Internationals Face

Moi, A Leader? - What are international student perspectives on leadership? Learn why many international students are hesitant to become leaders in their chapters. Hear from students about why they chose to push through those barriers anyway.

Discussion Questions

  • Review the ideas of leadership mentioned in the video. How would you describe what a leaders is and does?
  • Which of the obstacles mentioned in the video do you and/or your friends experience the strongest?
  • What helped the students on the video overcome their barriers and accept God’s invitation to serve their community?
  • What is one step you can take now to grow in serving your community? What’s holding you back?

Growing Into Leadership

Following Jesus Pathway - Becoming a leader involves a process. How should one invite and encourage internationals on their leadership journey? (read the video script)

Discussion Questions

Take a look at the leadership pathway – where would you place yourself? Why?

Reflect on your journey along the ‘Following Jesus Pathway’

  • How and why did you join your campus group? What attracted you? How did you come to the place of saying: ”These are my friends; this is my family?”
  • Isaac wanted to help out and was willing to take risks. Summarize how he grew in leadership and moved from ‘family’ to ‘little bro’ to ‘big bro’. What has helped you to grow as leader and take risks? What are some new risks God is inviting you to take?
  • Use the ‘Moving along’ handout to make a list of people in your group: Who can you encourage to take the next step on their leadership journey? How will you do it? Be specific.
  • Review the advice to staff given in the video
  • Do you agree with these points? Explain.
  • If you are a student: in which of these areas does your staff do well? Where could he/she improve? Share your insights with your staff worker.
  • If you are a staff: which of these areas is your weakness? Which one is your strength?

Resources for Leadership Development

Students have said ‘yes’ to take the next step in leadership, now what? What resources are available to help an international leader on their journey?

Student Testimony: Leadership Story

Discussion Questions

  • How would you summarize Anushka's journey/adventure in leadership? What were her cross-roads?
  • How did her staff help her in growing as a leader?
  • How has she changed through her leadership journey? Think about her feelings, activities and view of leadership,
  • Where do you identify with Anushka's experience?
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