Story Bible Study 9: The Wedding Feast

This Bible study focuses on a passage in the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament.
Stories that Make You Think:

Matthew 22:1-14


To understand that all are invited to partake of the kingdom of heaven but many miss the kingdom to their own carelessness. We enter the kingdom of heaven only when clothed in proper clothing - the righteousness of the king.

Introductory Questions:

What are weddings like in your culture?

Describe the most impressive wedding celebration you ever attended.


Several times Jesus used the example of a wedding banquet to describe what the kingdom of heaven is like. Pay close attention to the story to discover what kind of people are in danger of missing heaven’s banquet, according to Jesus.

Reading the Passage:

Have the group read the passage silently before you discuss it. Then have someone retell the story in their own words. Discuss any words that might be unfamiliar to people in the group.


Matthew 22:1-14

Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is like the banquet described in this story. If this is so, who do you think the king in the story represents?

Who is the son?

Who would the guests represent?

Why do you think Jesus used the idea of a banquet to represent heaven?

v 1-7 - How would you react if you were invited to a wedding for the son of the ruler or president of your country?

What is the reaction of the first set of invited guests in the story?

The Bible says that God extends an invitation to us. He is knocking at the door waiting for us to invite him into our lives. If people are like the guests in the story, what kind of responses could we expect to God’s invitation?

v 8-10 - Who finally gets to come to the wedding?

How are these people different from what you expect wedding guests to be?

If the wedding represents God’s kingdom, what kind of people will be part of God’s kingdom according to this story?

v 11-13 - What is appropriate to wear at a wedding?

Why was one of the guests cast out of the wedding?

What do you think would be appropriate clothing for the kingdom of heaven?

How do you think one might obtain such clothing?

v 14 - Jesus concludes his story by saying, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” How is this true in the story?

What do you think Jesus intended this statement to mean in regard to the kingdom of heaven?

Thought Questions:

  • The religious leaders of Jesus’ time rejected his teaching and his authority. The common people, including social outcasts, sinners, and prostitutes, heard him gladly. How do you think these people might have interpreted what Jesus was saying in this story?
  • What do you think was the main point of this story?
  • What do you think Jesus wanted to accomplish by telling it?
  • With whom in the story would you most identify and why? To whom is the story directed?
  • What type of person would need to hear this story?
  • How would you apply this story to your own life?
  • How do you think Jesus wants us to live?


Ask if the group has any questions they would like to ask. Ask permission to say a simple prayer to close the discussion. Thank God for his invitation to the banquet in heaven that he has extended to each one of us. Ask him to clothe each one in his righteousness.

Scriptures Referenced

Matthew 22:1-14