Life of Peter Bible Study 1: The Holiness of God

Aim: to apply the principles for gradual and radical change in Peter to ourselves.

Key Verse to be Memorized: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Recurring Thought: If God could change Peter, He can change us. If He can change us, He can change the people around us.


We all identify with Peter because of his failures – his falling into temptation, his denial of Jesus Christ, his rash speaking, his failure to keep awake and pray. However, God can change a person radically and basically. As that person cooperates with the Holy Spirit the implications of this radical change are worked out in his life (1 Peter 1:1,23). The information on Peter is found mainly in the four gospels, the early chapters of the Acts of the Apostles and in Peter's two letters. We will now study the life of Peter in this series of six Bible studies.

Theme: The Holiness of God

Practical Aim: to see God's holiness and the sinfulness of man and to allow God to deal with our sin and make us holy.

Readings: Luke 5:1-11; 1 Peter 1:15-16; 2 Peter 1:4

Questions on Luke 5:1-11

  1. Why did Peter's concept of God's holiness and his own sinfulness change?
  1. What is the significance of the fact that in v 5 Peter calls Jesus Master while in v 8 he calls him Lord?
  1. In what ways is this passage:
  • a call to obedience?
  • a call to a deeper relationship withJesus? 
  • call to a new ministry?

Questions on 1 Peter 1:15-16; 2 Peter 1:4

  1. Does God ever give a command without giving the power to fulfill the command?
  1. What command is given in 1 Peter 1:16?
  1. What power does God give us to fulfill this command? (2 Peter 1:3-11)

Note:  Through the imperishable seed we are made partakers of the divine nature. We can grow in holiness as holiness is one of the communicable attributes of God like love, mercy and righteousness. We can never share in God's incommunicable attributes e.g. his omniscience, infinity and unchangeableness. When the seed planted in our hearts by the Holy Spirit grows, blossoms and bears fruit we not only become more like Jesus but we share in his life.

Scriptures Referenced

Luke 5:1-11
1 Peter 1:15-16
2 Peter 1:4-4