Interacting With Jesus: John the Baptist

Read Luke 1:5-17, 3:1-17, and John 1:26-36


  1. What are John’s parents like?
  2. What is said about John’s life and ministry?
  3. What do you think enabled Simeon, Anna, and John’s parents to recognize and welcome the coming of the Savior?
  4. How can we, like them, learn to see God at work in the changes around us?
  5. What message did John have?
  6. What general warnings did he give?
  7. What specific advice did he give?
  8. What did the warnings mean?
  9. How did John make it clear who he was, and who he was not?
  10. How did he describe the Christ?
  11. What did John know about the One had been preparing for? What didn’t he know?
  12. How did John refer to Jesus?
  13. What is the meaning of “Lamb of God”?

What do you learn about Jesus from John the Baptist?

Scriptures Referenced

Luke 1:5-17
Luke 3:1-17
John 1:26-36