Important Life Questions: What Are the Most Important Goals to Strive For?

Read Matthew 6:19-21, 24-34


  1. What does Jesus say about striving to become rich?
  2. What do you think heavenly riches might be? Why are heavenly riches better than riches on earth?
  3. What does Jesus mean when he says your heart will always be where your riches are? What do you think Jesus is concerned about?
  4. What does serving money mean? Many Americans appear to be serving money. Why would people want to do this?
  5. Why is money attractive? Why is serving money unsatisfactory?
  6. What problems might you run into if you serve two masters? Have you ever been in a situation like this?
  7. If God was your master, what practical differences would it make in your life?
  8. What are the reasons Jesus gives for not being worried about life?
  9. What does God’s care for flowers and birds teach you?
  10. What does Jesus want his followers to be concerned about?
  11. What does it mean to be concerned “with the Kingdom of God and with what he requires of you”?
  12. What is the significance of calling God “your Father in heaven” in this context?
    1. When you were growing up, did you worry about food, drink, or clothing? Why or why not? What was your father like?
  13. Have you experienced God’s provision for your material needs? How did it show itself?
  14. How do you reconcile what Jesus is teaching with the necessity of working for a living?

How would you summarize this section? What was new to you? Are you worried about the future?

*note: some questions were taken from Serendipity New Testament for Groups by Zondervan (InterVarsity Press)

Scriptures Referenced

Matthew 6:19-21
Matthew 6:24-34