Important Life Questions: The Meaning of Life

Read Psalm 8 and Acts 17:22-31


  1. What is the poet’s view of God?
  2. How is the greatness of God made evident to people?
  3. If we look at the physical universe, what things might we conclude about God?
  4. What is the poet’s view of human beings?
  5. How does the poet feel about man when he looks at nature?
  6. What position has God given human beings in his creation?
  7. How does Paul begin his speech before the philosophers? Why this way?
  8. Paul starts out teaching about God. What facts does he teach?
  9. What is the relation of God to the universe? To people? What kinds of words do you notice?
  10. What do you think God desires from the people he has made? What is their purpose in life?
  11. Does the God Paul describes care about how people live? Why do you think so?
  12. What is God going to do in the future?

If God made me and loves me and cares how I live, what is my proper response to him? Jesus said my proper response to God is to love God with all my heart, mind, strength, and spirit, and to love other people that he’s created as I love myself. How can I apply that to my life?

Scriptures Referenced

Psalms 8:1-9
Acts 17:22-31