Important Life Questions: Can a Scientist Believe in God?

Read Romans 1:20-23 and Isaiah 40:12-26


  1. According to Paul, what can be learned about God from looking at the physical universe?
    1. What can you learn about God?
  2. What is an appropriate response to God, the creator?
  3. From your observations of American culture, what kinds of things would you say Americans worship instead of God?
  4. What do you think are the main points Isaiah wants us to think about?
  5. What is Isaiah’s view of God?
  6. What is God’s relationship to the physical universe? To the earth? To kingdoms and governments?
  7. How does the God Isaiah describes differ from the gods made by men?
  8. What evidence does nature give for the existence of God? How do scientists who assume there is no God explain the universe?

What do your own experiences with the natural world tell you about God’s existence?

Scriptures Referenced

Romans 1:20-23
Isaiah 40:12-26