For God So Loved 5: God Knows and Cares About Me

Psalm 139:1-18


Womb – place where a baby grows inside its mother

Allotted – given or assigned


  1. What are the poet’s main thoughts?
  2. What three areas of our lives does God know about?
  3. Would you like it if your closest friend knew your every thought? Why or why not?
  4. Why does God know us? How?
  5. Have you ever felt God’s protection for you?
  6. What does the poet conclude about running from God?
  7. Why would someone want to hide from God?
  8. Why would the poet be glad he couldn’t hide from God?
  9. What does this poem tell us about God?
  10. How does the poet respond to these things about God?

What is the relationship between God and the poet? How is this like your relationship to God?

Is there any reason not to be totally honest with God about our real feelings and thoughts?

Scriptures Referenced

Psalms 139:1-18