For God So Loved 13: The Names of the King

Isaiah 9:1-7

Isaiah 11:1-11


Stump – part of a tree left in the ground after it has been cut down

Hearsay – report passed from person to person; not an eyewitness

Zion – the hill in Jerusalem where God’s temple and the king’s house was


  1. How do the people feel when oppressive rule is removed? Why?
  2. What is the description of the ruler that is to come?
  3. What words mean he’s more than an ordinary human?
  4. Who does he come after?
  5. Who is the new king’s ancestor?
  6. What important qualifications does the new king have?
  7. What is his relationship to God?
  8. What kind of judge will he be?
  9. What would a picture of the new kingdom look like?
  10. What animals are there? What happened to them?
  11. What other changed relationships will be there?
  12. What title would you give this new picture?
  13. What has brought about this new way of living?
  14. What ideas do we get about God and his wishes for us?

Christians believe that Jesus is the king Isaiah was talking about.  When Jesus comes again, he will rule and reign in these ways. Until he comes, what kind of model does he give his followers for interacting with others in the world?

The kingdom of God is a place of harmony and peace. Do you have peace in your life?

Scriptures Referenced

Isaiah 9:1-7
Isaiah 11:1-11