For God So Loved 10: The God Who Sees and Sends

Exodus 3:1-4:17


Priest – one who represents other men before God

Land of the Canaanites, etc – Palestine, which God promised to Abraham and his descendants

Miracles – wonderful happenings outside of what one normally would expect

Holy – separated for God’s use


  1. What is Moses doing when God appears to him?
  2. How does God get Moses’ attention?
  3. How does Moses come before God?
  4. What has God noticed?
  5. What does God want Moses to do?
  6. What can we learn about God from this?
  7. How does Moses respond? Why do you think he said what he did?
  8. How does God answer? Does he disagree with Moses?
  9. What does Moses want to know? Why?
  10. What does God say his name is? What does that mean?
  11. How does he identify himself in terms of relationships? What does that say about God?
  12. Why are both names important to the Israelites?
  13. What should Moses tell people about God?
  14. What is Moses’ third objection?
  15. How does God respond?
  16. What does Moses have to do? What does God provide?
  17. What is the purpose of the signs?
  18. What is Moses’ fourth objection?
  19. How does God answer?
  20. Why did Moses keep objecting?
  21. What does Moses finally ask? What does he hope?
  22. How does God respond? Why is he angry?
  23. How does God show compassion along with anger?

Why do you think God is so persistent in calling Moses? Why would God choose to act through men? God chose Moses to lead his people out of Egypt. God may choose you for a difficult task as well. How would you respond?

Scriptures Referenced

Exodus 3:1 - 4:17