Ephesians Bible Study - Day 11

I. Background Information

  • Armor (v 11): Paul is writing from prison and is likely looking at a soldier as he writes this. He compares the soldier’s protective uniform to the protection and equipment God gives us to do His will.

II. Read Passage (Ephesians 6:10-24)

  • Underline main ideas as you read.

III. Summary

Paul ends this letter by urging us to use all of the resources God has given us to live a life of purity that will please Him. We are in a battle as long as we live and it is not easy to obey God. However, God has given us everything we need. Paul ends his list by mentioning the Bible and prayer. Christians have always found that these two are perhaps our most important resources as we fight against the world, the devil, and our own sinful hearts.

IV. Daily Thoughts (write out your answers)

  1. What did you learn today? Write down a few thoughts you have about what you read.
  1. What questions do you have after reading and thinking?
  1. Is there anything you think God wants you to do based on what you read today?
  1. For what people or situations do you need to thank God today?
  1. For what people or situations do you need to ask God’s help today?
  1. Take time to talk to God about these things. (talk and listen) 

Scriptures Referenced

Ephesians 6:10-24