Ephesians Bible Study - Day 10

I. Background Information

  • Slaves (v 5): in the time of Jesus slaves were very common. In some cities slaves were a large portion of the population. However, these were not people who were forced to be slaves. They were mostly people who owed money and were working to repay their debt.

II. Read Passage (Ephesians 6:1-9)

  • Underline main ideas as you read.

III. Summary

A Christian home starts with a loving marriage, but this should lead to a loving family. Parents are responsible to train and correct their children, but always with love. Also children must obey their parents. They also must learn to be people of love. The same responsibility to love and do what is best for others even applies to Christians if they are slaves or masters. Today this would apply to our roles as workers or supervisors. We must always act in a way that would please Jesus. Remember that no matter where we work or what our job, we are really working for God if we are Christians.

IV. Daily Thoughts (write out your answers)

  1. What did you learn today? Write down a few thoughts you have about what you read.
  1. What questions do you have after reading and thinking?
  1. Is there anything you think God wants you to do based on what you read today?
  1. For what people or situations do you need to thank God today?
  1. For what people or situations do you need to ask God’s help today?
  1. Take time to talk to God about these things. (talk and listen) 


Scriptures Referenced

Ephesians 6:1-9