Acts of the Apostles

 1 Witnesses for Jesus

 2 Filled With the Holy Spirit

 3 Jesus is Lord

 4 The Power of Jesus’ Name

 5 Obeying God Rather than Men

 6 Putting the Spirit to the Test

 7 Worthy to Suffer for Jesus’ Sake

 8 Ready to Die for Jesus’ Sake

 9 Witnesses in Samaria

10 Witness to Africa

11 The Persecutor Meets Jesus

12 God Treats Everyone on the Same Basis

13 Proclaiming the Message to the Gentiles


*note: several questions are from The Acts of the Apostles: Discussions for Group Bible Studyby Doris Irwin, Marilyn Kunz, and Catherine Schell


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Scriptures Referenced

Acts 0:0-0