Please, print this form, fill it out, and mail it to the address at the bottom.


I want to share in the International Student Ministry (ISM) of InterVarsity by my tax deductible gift of:

$1000    $500    $250    $100    $50    $_________


Please use my gift for (the total can be split among more than one category):

$________ The work of staff member: ___________________________________________

$________ International Student Ministry on this campus:____________________________________
                     (Click here to see which campuses have ISM groups)

$________ ISM scholarships for the Urbana 21 Student Missions Conference

$________ Developing new ministry resources and providing materials (including Bibles) to international students

$________ Where most needed in ISM

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Mail Your Gift

Please make your check payable to InterVarsity and send it with this form to:

PO Box 7895
Madison, WI 53707-7895

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