Preparing for Reentry

While we don't often realize it, returning to home countries requires more than calling up old friends, seeing family at the airport, and trying to refit everything into a suitcase. It also requires emotionally and spiritually preparing for the changes that will come, expected and unexpected. Spending time in another country gives new perspectives on the world, even when they aren't always obvious. Those who make decisions to follow Jesus as Lord or recommit to faith often have extra levels of tension upon returning to the faith cultures and old patterns of life at home.

Reentry From Day One

Reentry should be on your mind from the moment you meet a new student. Use the tips in this article to weave reentry processes throughout your entire school year.

Make Connections

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Stay In Touch

Plans and ideas for helping your students adjust to their time back home after they've returned

Security Protocol

Keep yourself and your students safe with these basic security steps

Books and Materials

Prepare for reentry and take them home with you