Teaching of Paul - Bible Study 8

Readings: Romans 3:1-31

Note: One definition of the good news is that the only way of salvation is revealed in the good news about Jesus Christ. He himself is the good news (the message) and he brought the good news (the message).

Questions and Comments

  1. Read v 1-8 again and list the 4 Jewish objections that Paul mentions and the 4 answers that he gives.
  • Objection: __________________ (v 1) Answer: __________________ (v 2)
  • Objection: __________________ (v 3) Answer: __________________ (v 4)
  • Objection: __________________ (v 5) Answer: __________________ (v 6)
  • Objection: __________________ (v 7) Answer: __________________ (v 8)
  1. Read v 9-18 again. From what Old Testament passages does Paul quote to show that man's sin affects:
  1. Read again v 19-20 to see what conclusions Paul comes to. (Note: The knowledge of sin comes through the law. The law shows us to be sinners and it also condemns us.)
  1. Read Romans 3:9-20. Is this the good news or the bad news?
  1. Read Romans 3:21-31. Is this the good news or the bad news?

Scriptures Referenced

Romans 3:1-31