Teaching of Paul - Bible Study 5

Readings: Romans 1:24-32

Notes: In every culture there is:

  • Much good
  • Much bad
  • Much which is neutral (i.e. neither good nor bad)

Give examples of 1, 2, and 3 in your culture. God judges all cultures.

Questions and Comments

  1. Reread Romans 1:21-24 to see how sin has affected every part of man's being. Look up the other references given.
  1. Which is correct?
  • Man is totally depraved by sin in mind, spirit, will and body OR
  • Sin has affected man in mind, spirit, will and body, that is, in every part of his being, but not totally so.
  1. Read Romans 1:24-32 again.
  • In which 3 verses does Paul write that God gave them up?
    • Verse ________ 
    • Verse ________ 
    • Verse ________
  1. How did this affect man's worship?      
  1. How did this affect man's morality?   
  1. How did this affect man's debasing of others?                   
  1. What is the punishment for all this sin?                  
  1. Do you think God's wrath is just?

Scriptures Referenced

Romans 1:24-32