Teaching of Paul - Bible Study 12

Readings: Romans 6:1-23

Note: We come now to the section about sanctification or being made holy (Romans 6-8). Romans 6 is about being made free from sin. Romans 7 is about being free from law. Romans 8 is about being free from death.

Questions and Comments

  1. Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? (Romans 6:1) What types of people argue this way?
  1. Why is it unthinkable for a believer to go on sinning? (Romans 6:2)
  1. Notice the believer's solidarity with Christ (Romans 6:3) We were buried with Christ by baptism into death and raised with him to walk in newness of life (Romans 6:4) We were united with Christ in death and in his _________________ (Romans 6:5).
  2. My old self was crucified with him on the cross: my old self is my pre-conversion life, my unregenerate self (Romans 6:6). How can it be that we are no longer enslaved to sin? (Romans 6:7)
  1. If we share in Christ's death we shall also share in _________________ (Romans 6:8).
  2. Will Christ die again? What no longer has dominion over Christ? (Romans 6:9)
  1. What did Christ do once for all? (Romans 6:10)
  1. What is the secret of holy living? (Romans 6:11)
  1. We are to reckon ourselves dead to sin by resistance to sin (Romans 6:12). We are to reckon ourselves alive to God by dedication to him (Romans 6:13). Sin shall not be your master since you are under grace not law e.g. Ahmad's friends: "We hear you have changed your religion." Ahmad:" No, my religion has changed me" (Romans 6:14). What does this mean to you?
  1. We are no longer slaves of sin but slaves of righteousness (Romans 6:16). We are slaves of him to whom we yield ourselves (Romans 6:17-18). We by obedience have become slaves of righteousness (Romans 6:19). We have now yielded ourselves to righteousness for holiness (Romans 6:20-21). As slaves of sin righteousness was not your concern but death was to be the end. What does this mean to you?
  1. Now as slaves of God we have holiness as our concern and its end is eternal life (Romans 6:22).
  1. In v 15-23 what two masters are contrasted?
  • What kinds of service do they respectively demand?
  • With what results?
  1. Does not justification by faith open the door to sinful living? (Paul shows this to be impossible because once we are justified we are also sanctified.)
  1. What four illustrations are used to show that the righteousness of the law is now to be fulfilled in us in a life of holiness:

Scriptures Referenced

Romans 6:1-23