Story Bible Study 5: The Rich Farmer

This Bible Study focuses on a passage in the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament.
Stories that Make You Think:

Luke 12:13-21


To understand that love of wealth and its accumulation are very dangerous to our spiritual health. “A person’s true life is not made up of the things he owns.”

Introductory Question:

Jesus talked about money and people’s attitudes toward money more than any other subject. Why do you think the subject of money might be important to a teacher like Jesus?


The story that we are going to discuss today is about a rich man. Jesus implies that there are two ways of being rich: rich in terms of ownership of wealth and goods and rich in the eyes of God. As we read the passage, think about what might be the difference between these two kinds of riches. Jesus tells the story in response to a request from a man who is apparently is in a conflict with his brother over the inheritance left to them by their father. Let’s read how Jesus responded to the man.

Reading the Passage:

Have the group read each section before you discuss it. Read the passage silently at first. Then have someone read it aloud. Discuss any words that might be unfamiliar to the group.


Luke 12:13-15 - The Question

v 13 - From the small amount of information we have in the verse, what would you guess has happened to the man in the crowd?

What is his foremost concern?

What do you think he expects Jesus to do?

Why come to Jesus about this?

v 14 - How concerned does Jesus seem to be about this man’s problem?

What does he say to the man?

Why do you think he says this?

v 15 - Jesus turns and speaks to the crowd. What does he say?

What does Jesus think is the motive behind the request about the inheritance?

Luke 12:16-21 - The Story

In the story, what is Jesus saying about wealth and the pursuit of wealth?

At the end of the story, God calls the rich man a fool. Why do you think God considers the man to be a fool?

What do think God would have considered to be wise behavior for the rich man?

Thought Questions:

  • Jesus says a man’s true life is not made of the things that he owns. What do you think are the important things in a person’s life?
  • Jesus talks about being rich toward God or rich from God’s point of view. What do you think it means to be rich toward God?
  • How will a person who is seeking God’s riches live differently than a person who is working hard to accumulate money and things?
  • Why do you think Jesus told this story?
  • What did he want to accomplish by telling it?
  • What type of people need to hear this story?
  • If Jesus were commenting on our lifestyle today, what do you think he might say?
  • What are the priorities in your life right now?
  • Where are your riches?
  • How would you like to be remembered?


Ask for any final comments or questions from the group. Close with a prayer asking God to help us to recognize what is truly important in life.

Scriptures Referenced

Luke 12:13-21