Sign Bible Study 8: Series Finale – It is Finished!

The Hook

  1. What sign has meant the most for you during the series? Why?

Community Rules for The Seven Signs – Explain and remind at each study

  • Ask your questions and choose curiosity
  • Be cool with each other
  • Answer our questions from the text
  • Be open to spiritual growth

Understanding the Message

Read John 19:1-30

  1. What words would you use to describe Pilate?
  1. What words would you use to describe the Jewish religious leaders?
  1. What happens for you as you see Jesus willingly choose to suffer the cross of death?
  1. What would you have seen if you were in the public that morning?
  1. Describe the heart of Jesus who in his last moments of agony, cares for his mother.
  1. At the point of his death, Jesus yells out a cry of victory, why?
  1. What is finished?
  1. What are lessons we can learn from Jesus’ death on the cross?
  • All the signs in John’s gospel point to the new life on the other side of the cross.
  • It is at the cross that Jesus turns the stale wine into the best wine of his own blood.
  • At the cross that Jesus allows himself to be bound to free the Lazarus of the world.
  • It is at the cross that Jesus finishes the requirements of God for the penalty of sin.
  • It is at the cross that Jesus gives up his spirit so that we might live the new life.
  • Another lesson?

Does It Work?

Tell a story about your experience of Jesus’ finished work on the cross. How has Jesus finished the power of sin in your life? How has Jesus given you his Spirit and what difference has it practically made in your life? (Be real and vulnerable to show the power and the glory of God!)

Your Story

  1. Do you know that Jesus died for you so that you could be free?
  1. Do you know that when he said, “It is finished”, he wanted to give you a new life?
  1. What is keeping you from committing to Jesus today and following him?
  1. What other hope do you have to finish the selfish nature in your own soul?
  1. How can you live in this world without the love of God through the Spirit inside you?
  1. What practical steps will you take to make sure you don’t pull a Pilate and commit spiritual suicide with the Author of life right in your living room?

Scriptures Referenced

John 19:1-30