Sign Bible Study 6: Blind Faith – Seeing the Spiritual

The Hook

  1. How have you experienced Jesus’ power over the storms in your life?
  1. How do you handle conflict and people who don’t approve of what you do?
  1. Have you ever been so excited about an experience that you told everyone you knew?

Movie Clip Suggestion: Enemy of the State

Show scene 15 on the DVD. Will Smith is a character who does not understand the big picture of what he is in the middle of. It is through his enduring perseverance (and help from Gene Hackman) that he comes to see things clearly.

  1. How well does your GIG see?

Community Rules for The Seven Signs – Explain and remind at each study

  • Ask your questions and choose curiosity
  • Be cool with each other
  • Answer our questions from the text
  • Be open to spiritual growth

Understanding the Message

Read John 9:1-41

  1. Do you ever think suffering occurs so that God’s power might be revealed? (Note: Introduce the Pharisees, being cast out of the synagogue and Jews in John’s gospel not being an ethnic term but used for the religious leaders.)
  1. Describe the experience of the man who was miraculously given his sight?
  1. At the outset, what does the blind man know of Jesus?
  1. What happens to the spiritual sight of the blind man as the account unfolds?
  1. What happens to the spiritual sight of the Jewish leaders as it progresses?
  1. What do you think of the blind man’s family?
  1. How does Jesus receive someone persecuted for aligning themselves with him?
  1. Who in the passage sees? How does the sight come?
  1. Who in the passage is blind? Why do they think they see?
  1. What is the unseen spiritual reality in the healing of the blind man?
  • All are blind in darkness until the Light of the World gives them spiritual sight.
  • Another unseen reality?
  1. What are lessons we can learn from the Sign?
  • Jesus is the Light that shines in the darkness and gives sight to the blind.
  • For those who follow Jesus, expect persecution, even from your own family.
  • Spiritual sight is a process – articulating God’s work to others brings growth.
  • Another lesson?

Does It Work?

Tell a story about your process of Jesus giving you sight – highlighting your most helpful steps that led to growth and understanding about Jesus.

Tell a story comparing life when you were blind and in darkness to now walking in the light – pick a specific area of your life and contrast the difference in quality of life.

Your Story

  1. Do you see Jesus’ light and how it has come to you this past year?
  1. Are you growing in your understanding of Jesus by telling others?
  1. How are you handling people who don’t understand or oppose your spiritual growth?
  1. Do you think you see? Does your sin remain?

Index Cards

  1. What is a question about God or the Bible you are thinking about?
  1. What is an area of your life you are struggling with I can be praying for?


Scriptures Referenced

John 9:1-41