Sign Bible Study 7: Lazarus, Come Out!

The Hook

  1. What would you do if tomorrow were your “great, gettin’ up morning”?
  1. Do you think about death very often? Has it affected your life personally?
  1. How are you today preparing for the reality of death in your life?

Movie Clip Suggestion: The Matrix

View scenes 36 and 37 on the DVD. In these scenes we see a human being who has overcome death. We see the power of light to overcome the darkness of even death.

  1. After viewing the scene, what it would be like if “The One” were truly a human being?

Community Rules for The Seven Signs – Explain and remind at each study

  • Ask your questions and choose curiosity
  • Be cool with each other
  • Answer our questions from the text
  • Be open to spiritual growth

Understanding the Message

Read John 11:1-44

  1. If Jesus loves Lazarus and his sisters, so why does he stay when he hears he is sick?
  1. What do the disciples understand of Jesus’ plan and read on Lazarus’ illness?
  1. What are the promises Jesus gives to Martha and Mary in the passage?
  1. How does Martha react to Jesus?
  1. How does Mary react to Jesus and his words?
  1. Why does Jesus weep as he approaches Lazarus’ grave?
  1. Describe the moment when Jesus’ words bring the dead man walking from the grave?
  1. What if you were one of the men who let Lazarus go by unwrapping him?
  1. What is the unseen spiritual reality in the raising of Lazarus from the grave?
  • Lazarus’ raising points to Jesus who will himself rise from the dead and break through death that we all might have our grave clothes removed.
  • Another unseen reality?
  1. What are lessons we can learn from the Sign?
  • Jesus allows suffering to happen that God’s glory might be revealed – we must ask God to intervene in the crises in our lives.
  • Jesus gives Mary and Martha words to believe before he reveals the glory.
  • God has the power to remove death itself from the lives of his people.
  • The life that God offers are free from the grave clothes that bind.
  • Another lesson?

Does It Work?

Tell a story about your experience of wearing grave clothes. What are the sins and the brokenness that have bound you in your life? How has Jesus removed, and how is he removing, those vestiges of death?

Tell a story about committing to Jesus and what it was like for you to leave the tomb.

Your Story

  1. What is your answer for death?
  1. What are the grave clothes that you are wearing? Are you happy?
  1. Do you hear Jesus calling you by name? Do you want to leave the grave and live?
  1. Have you heard Jesus calling your name during this GIG?
  1. Do you want to leave the grave and follow “The One” who has defeated death?

Index Cards

  1. What is a question about God or the Bible you are thinking about?
  1. What is an area of your life you are struggling with I can be praying for?


Scriptures Referenced

John 11:1-44