Sign Bible Study 4: The Bread of Life

The Hook

  1. What is your favorite food?
  1. Describe your most satisfying meal of all time.

Movie Clip Suggestion: Training Day

Go to scene 18 on the DVD. Alonzo (Denzel Washington) has just led Jake (Ethan Hawke) into a terrible crime for money.

  1. After watching the scene, what do you think about Alonzo and the situation he is in?
  1. Why does Jake follow Alonzo?

Community Rules for The Seven Signs – Explain and remind at each study

  • Ask your questions and choose curiosity
  • Be cool with each other
  • Answer our questions from the text
  • Be open to spiritual growth

Understanding the Message

Read John 6:1-15, 25-27

  1. How would you describe the multitude that is following Jesus?
  1. What would Jesus’ popularity look like today in America?
  1. What is the test for Philip?
  1. What did Jesus hope Philip’s faith would be?
  1. How does it make you feel to know that God tests people to help them understand him?
  1. Has God ever tested you? If so, briefly share the test and how you did.
  1. Describe this miraculous feeding from the point of view of the crowd.
  1. Describe this miraculous feeding from the disciple’s point of view.
  1. What is the significance of the 12 baskets being left over at the end?
  1. Why does the crowd look for Jesus? (John 6:25)
  1. What is the perishing bread and why does Jesus tell them to eat the real bread?
  1. What is the unseen spiritual reality with the sign of the bread?
  • God offers his heavenly bread, in the person of Jesus, that is far superior to all the perishing bread we are labor for and are used to eating.
  • Another unseen reality?
  1. What are lessons we can learn from the Sign?
  • Jesus provides abundantly the food that nourishes us spiritually.
  • Jesus tests his followers to make sure that we are in faith and growing.
  • Another lesson?

Does It Work?

Give a testimony about Jesus giving you the bread of life. Talk about the joy of eating the bread of life. Be sure and explain, on a vulnerable level, your own experience of laboring for bread that perishes. Have you labored in the area of career, studies, family dynamics, sexuality? Help your friends know that The Bread of Life will not let them down like the other bread. They must hear from you the unfulfilling nature of the bread that perishes.

Your Story

  1. What kind of bread are you working for in your life? Are you satisfied?
  1. What steps can you take to eat more of Jesus’ bread (conference, prayer, etc)?

Index Cards

  1. What is a question or current issue that you are facing?
  1. What is one thing that I could pray about on your behalf?

Scriptures Referenced

John 6:1-15
John 6:25-27