Sign Bible Study 2: Unless You See Signs You Won't Believe

The Hook

  1. How did God meet you with his good wine this past week?
  1. How motivated do you think Jesus is to have you believe in him and follow him?
  1. Have you ever seen a sign from God that made you think he was getting involved?

Movie Clip Suggestion: Pulp Fiction

Samuel L. Jackson’s character sees a sign from God as he is spared from being gunned down. He decides to follow God after seeing the sign. John Travolta disregards the sign from God.

  1. What is the difference in these men and how they understand signs?

Community Rules for The Seven Signs – Explain and remind at each study

  • Ask your questions and choose curiosity
  • Be cool with each other
  • Answer our questions from the text
  • Be open to spiritual growth

Understanding the Message

Read John 4:46-54

  1. Describe this royal official’s experience of having his son at the point of death.
  1. Why does John give us the detail of his elevated place in society?
  1. Why is it true that unless the man sees signs and wonders he will not believe?
  1. Do you think Jesus wants the man to see signs and wonders and believe?
  1. Why does he tell the royal official this before he heals the boy?
  1. What do we learn about Jesus and the authority of his word? Give a modern example.
  1. What is the significance of the man knowing exactly when the healing happened?
  1. What is the unseen spiritual reality the healing of the official’s son points to?
  • God is the Father and Jesus is the Son who will be raised at the seventh hour.
  • Jesus has life in him and life itself is at the command of his word.
  • The official’s want his son to live; God the father kills his son that all might live
  • Another unseen reality?
  1. What are lessons we can learn from the Sign?
  • Jesus wants us all to believe and therefore gives signs so that we might believe.
  • Jesus is compassionate and loves to heal today.
  • Jesus has total authority in this world and can change any reality with his word.
  • It is a natural next step to tell others about the great deeds of God – encourage it!
  • Other lessons?

Does It Work?

Tell a story about a sign that God gave to you to help you believe in him. Make sure to explain the process of your coming to faith.

Your Story

  1. What are the crises in your life that you need Jesus to heal?
  1. Would you consider asking Jesus for a sign that you might believe?
  1. How can you be like the Royal Official and tell others of God’s love and his deeds?

Index Cards

  1. What is a question about God or the Bible you are thinking about?
  1. What is an area of your life you are struggling with I can be praying for?

Scriptures Referenced

John 4:46-54