Mary Magdalene Bible Study

  1. What are some practical ways you have seen people express love?

Read Luke 8:1-3

  1. What do we learn about Mary Magdalene from these verses? (consider her past, her work, her friends)

Read Mark 15:37-47

  1. Why do you think Mary Magdalene chose to be present at Christ's death?
  1. What would she have seen, heard, learned, and felt as she watched Christ die?
  1. What changes had to take place in Mary Magdalene for her to move from a person inhabited by seven demons to the person who followed Jesus all the way to his death?
  1. What has Jesus delivered you from? What changes have you seen in your life since you became a Christian?

Read John 20:1-18

  1. If you were investigating the events described in this eyewitness account, what details or clues would you record?
  1. What feelings were evident when Jesus met Mary Magdalene? What does that say about the strength of their friendship?
  1. What does v 17 reveal about the relationships between the various people mentioned?
  1. What effect would Mary Magdalene's message have on the disciples? On the future church?
  1. From the three passages we have studied, what do you find that shows Mary Magdalene as a person who exercised her love for Jesus in practical ways?
  1. What are some practical ways we can show love for Jesus?

Read Matthew 25:31-46

  1. Does this passage provide some additional answers?

Scriptures Referenced

Luke 8:1-3
Mark 15:37-47
John 20:1-18
Matthew 25:31-46