Interacting With Jesus: Zacchaeus

Read Luke 19:1-10


  1. What was Zacchaeus’ position in society?
  2. What did he look like?
  3. How are he and the rich young ruler different? What do they have in common?
  4. Why would Zacchaeus want to see Jesus?
  5. What might he have heard that would interest him?
  6. Do you think a man like Zacchaeus would have felt satisfied with his life?
  7. What might he still have wanted?
  8. What problem was there when Zacchaeus tried to see Jesus?
  9. How did he solve his problem?
  10. What do you think he was thinking and feeling when Jesus stopped to talk with him?
  11. Does Jesus’ approach to Zacchaeus seem too bold to you?
  12. Why might Jesus have dealt with him that way?
  13. Would Zacchaeus probably ever have gone to see Jesus like the rich young ruler or Simon the Pharisee did?
  14. How did Zacchaeus react to what Jesus said? What does this tell you about his attitude?
  15. How did the others react to Jesus going to Zacchaeus’ home? Why?
  16. How did Zacchaeus respond to them? What can we learn from him?
  17. What is his attitude toward material possessions?
  18. How does this compare to the rich young ruler?
  19. What do they each value?
  20. What did Jesus say about the Zacchaeus’ actions? How is his reaction different from the crowd?
  21. Why would Jesus describe himself as coming to “seek and save the lost”?  Compare that to how he responded to the rich young ruler.
  22. Why did Jesus come, according to this statement? What power does he have?

Zacchaeus is mentioned by name; the rich ruler is not. This can give us a clue as to the lasting results of the choice each man made in his encounter with Christ. Ways we use our time, abilities, and money all show what it is that we care about or are loyal to. Will some other love overpower our deepest spiritual concerns, or will we seek something more than all the success in this world will be able to offer us?

Scriptures Referenced

Luke 19:1-10