Interacting With Jesus: James and John

Read Mark 1:16-20


  1. Where did Jesus find James and John?
  2. What can you learn about them? Their work? Their social status?
  3. What did Jesus say to these four fishermen? What do you think it meant to them?
  4. How would following Jesus change their lives? What would it cost them?
  5. In Mark 3:17, Jesus gives them a nickname. What is it?
    1. What does this tell you about them?

Read Luke 9:46-56


  1. What attitudes did the disciples have in these two incidents?
  2. What were they concerned about?
  3. What did they disagree over?
  4. What did Jesus teach his disciples about greatness?
  5. Who do you consider to be great?
  6. Why is it hard to follow Jesus’ teaching on greatness?
  7. What things confuse us? What do we base our judgements on?
  8. How did John react to this teaching?
  9. What the man doing whom John criticized? What was he not doing?
  10. How does John view himself and the other 12 disciples?
  11. How did James and John react to these events?
  12. What does this tell you about the brothers?
  13. How does this show they still haven’t learned Jesus’ lesson on greatness?
  14. How well do you receive rebuke?

Rea Mark 10:32-45


  1. What was Jesus discussing? What can you learn from James and John by their response?
  2. What did James and John want? What was good? What wasn’t?
  3. What question did Jesus ask them? What does their answer show about them?
  4. Why did Jesus refuse to let them sit to his left and right?
  5. What warning did he give them?
  6. How did the other disciples react to all of this? What does this show about them?
  7. What emotions do you imagine Jesus was feeling? James and John? The other disciples?
  8. What did Jesus want his followers to realize?
  9. What would happen if leaders you know followed the pattern Jesus taught?
  10. What ambitions are okay for a Christian to have?
  11. What is the purpose of Jesus’ life and death?
  12. How did Jesus live out the principle he wanted his followers to learn?
  13. What do you learn about Jesus from these interactions?

Scriptures Referenced

Mark 1:16-20
Luke 9:46-56
Mark 10:32-45