Important Life Questions: Why Is the Cross the Symbol of Christianity?

Read Isaiah 52:13-15, 53

Why do you think a symbol of death by execution became the central symbol of a world religion?


  1. What did God say about his servant?
  2. What were the people shocked about?
  3. Who knows about God’s servant? What is their reaction?
  4. How did people react to what God’s servant did? How did that fit (or not) their expectations of what God does?
  5. What is God’s servant like?
  6. How did people treat the servant? What kind of people are usually treated in this way?
  7. What is the people’s view of why God’s servant is suffering? What is the real reason?
  8. What good results come from his suffering?
  9. What are people like? What do we deserve?
  10. What did God do with the punishment people deserve?
  11. How did the servant accept his suffering?
  12. What is a sacrifice? How is the servant like a sacrifice?
  13. What is the final end for the servant? Why?
  14. What happened after his death? How can the writer talk about one who has died being alive?
  15. Did he die by accident or mistake? How do you know? What was his task?
  16. How do verses 11-12 summarize the work of the servant?
  17. Why does God forgive the sins of the people? How?
  18. How does the description of the servant help us understand the cross as a symbol of God’s love?

The suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus turned the cross from a symbol of horrible suffering into a symbol of the highest expression of love. How do you respond to that message?

Scriptures Referenced

Isaiah 52:13-15
Isaiah 52:53-53