Important Life Questions: How Should a Person Act Towards His Enemies?

Read Matthew 5:38-48; 7:1-5


  1. Many cultures teach a principle of revenge like “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” What do you think this saying means?
  2. What does Jesus say about taking revenge? Look at the situations Jesus describes. What would our natural reactions be?
  3. What does Jesus expect of his followers? What do we accomplish by acting like Jesus wants us to?
  4. Jesus said his followers should be different from other people. How? Why?
  5. What are practical ways of loving your enemies?
  6. Who are we like when we love our enemies? How did God demonstrate his love for all people?
  7. What would be your attitude toward your enemy if you lived as Jesus described?
  8. What does Jesus say are the standards God will judge us on? Is this fair? Why or why not?
  9. What is Jesus describing with the situation of the speck and the plank?
    1. What does the speck represent? What does the plank represent?
    2. How would you explain the meaning of this?

Is living as Jesus described possible? Why do you think so?

*note: some questions were taken from Sermon on the Mount: Seeking First the Kingdom of God by John Stott (InterVarsity Press)

Scriptures Referenced

Matthew 5:38-48
Matthew 7:1-5