For God So Loved 9: By Faith Abraham Offered Isaac

Genesis 22:1-19

Mark 8:34-35

John 3:16


Sacrifice – gift you give that costs you something important

Altar – table where sacrifices are made

Burnt offering – a type of animal sacrifice to God

Vow – solemn promise that cannot be broken

Bless – cause good to happen to; speak good to someone


  1. How does God test Abraham?
  2. How do you think Abraham felt when he heard God’s command?
  3. How does Abraham go about obeying God’s command?
  4. What does Isaac notice? How does Abraham answer? What does this show about Abraham?
  5. What happens at the last moment? Why? What has Abraham shown?
  6. How do Abraham and Isaac show trust?
  7. What name did Abraham give the mountain? Why?
  8. What were the results of Abraham’s faith?
  9. What did God promise?
  10. What does it cost to follow Jesus?
  11. How is Abraham a good image of the meaning of Jesus’ words?
  12. What similarities are there between Abraham and what John 3 says about God?
  13. Why did God give his only son to the world?
  14. What might it have cost God to see his son die?
  15. What does this say about God? About how God feels about us?

Think about how much Abraham loved his son Isaac. How much does God love you that he would send Jesus to die in your place? How do you respond to that kind of love?

Scriptures Referenced

Genesis 22:1-19
Mark 8:34-35
John 3:16-16