For God So Loved 8: God Calls a Man

Genesis 12-13


Descendants – children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, so on

Bless – bring good on or speak good to

Curse – bring evil on or speak evil to

Acquired – received, got

Sacred – kept special for God

Holy – set apart for God

Altar – table where sacrifices are offered

Famine – long period of time without food

Assume – think without being told

Wicked – full of sin

Specks – tiny pieces

Question  s

  1. What do you think about Abram?
  2. Would like or dislike him? Why?
  3. What did God ask Abram to do?
  4. What promises did God give to Abram?
  5. How did Abram show he trusted God? What did that trust cost him?
  6. How do Abram’s actions in Egypt show a lack of faith? What are the consequences?
  7. What do you think Abram learned from his time in Egypt?
  8. What were the problems between Abram and Lot? How did Abram fix them?
  9. What do his actions show about his character and priorities?
  10. What promises did God repeat after Lot left?

The rest of Abram’s story shows his belief and trust in God. Many nations and people descended from Abram, including Jesus Christ.

Scriptures Referenced

Genesis 12:1 - 13:18