For God So Loved 7: The Wages of Sin

Romans 1:18-32, 3:9-20


Sin – words, thoughts, or actions that displease God

Invisible – cannot be seen

Divine – characteristic of God

Perceived – saw and understood

Excuse – reason for bad action

Worship – praise; honor and adore

Immortal – cannot die

Mortal – able to die

Images – likenesses; pictures; statues

Filthy – very dirty

Corrupted – decaying, no longer good

Malice – active hatred

Insolent – disrespectful

Conscience – internal motivation to do what is good

Jews – descendants of Jacob (Israel); God’s chosen people

Gentiles – anyone who is not a Jew

Righteous – morally like God; right with God


  1. What actions of people make God angry?
  2. What should be plain to people from observation of the physical world?
  3. How are the sins described here like the sin of the first man and woman?
  4. How is being allowed to have your own way a punishment?
  5. How do men react to being given their own way?
  6. What are the results of men having their own way?
  7. What do people deserve?
  8. Why do people do things to hurt themselves and others?
  9. Who is good? Who is evil?
  10. Does it make a difference where you were born or what culture you are from?
  11. What are people’s attitudes like? Plans? Words?
  12. What does knowing God’s law do?

The Bible says that all people are sinners. There is no one who does good. What about me?

Scriptures Referenced

Romans 1:18-32
Romans 3:9-20